Saturday, 21 August 2010

I'm Neutral

outfit neutral colours
Oh no I'm wearing neutral colours again. I wanted to wear my white dress but it just doesn't seem right wearing it in its own when it is not really hot and sunny. This outfit was not really planned which is unusual for me as I'm not really spontaneous and I usually like everything planned well in advance. I started with the dress, added the cardigan as it was a bit cold, then the belt as it all looked a bit shapeless. If you are petite or find that clothes look shapeless and unflattering this suede and leather corset/ obi belt handmade by Emma at Style to Wear is a godsend. It makes baggy clothes look a little more fitted. I tend to wear it slightly above my waist as it is more flattering this way and creates a sort of empire line.

I promise my next outfit post will be anything but neutral as I am going to Ladies Day at the races and have an outfit planned with my new vintage dress.
Do you plan your outfits or do they just happen?
Ceri X


Sherin said...

I usually plan my outfits in advance...but then change my mind at the last minute!

I love this look though. The cardi goes really well with the white dress.

* Reena Rai * said...

I'm loving neutrals at the moment. My outfits are usually all spur of the moment decisions, not a good planner

Ella M*de said...

A lot of neutral is fine if varied. Say, no khaki three days in a row. And I cannot get enough of black+white anyway!

Melissa said...

An all-neutral outfit is fantastic if done well, which yours is! Different neutrals playing nicely together. :)

Sometimes I have outfit ideas in my head but typically, I wake up and try to figure out what on earth I'm going to wear that day. I wish I could plan outfits but sometimes that just doesn't work out for me.

Selina said...

I'm also quite into neutrals when putting on my outfit for the day. This is a great ensemble you have here!