Sunday, 15 August 2010

Vintage at Goodwood- part 1

vintage at goodwodd 2010 photographs

To avoid a ridiculously long post, I have decided to break my review of Vintage at Goodwood into two parts. I only went for the day on Saturday but there was so much going on.

I enjoyed the day so much that I have decided I would like to go for the whole weekend next year. I will also be putting in a lot more though to next years outfit. I was a little worried about getting too dressed up because of the weather and as I was unsure of what it would be like. I am pleased to say that whilst we had some showers, it did get a little muddy underfoot but not too bad. I managed to wear my wedge heels until about 5pm when I swapped them for flats as I feared I might slip over. The organisers had put down lots of wood chippings on the busiest walkways which really helped.

sustainable vintage clothing
Me and my sister in the Travelodge carpark before we left

My outfit

Vintage dress - Marthas Closet
Cardigan - Topshop
Belt - taken from an M&S dress
Socks - Tabio
Shoes - Karen Millen (about 6 years ago)

The best thing about the event was definitely the people. Such amazing outfits ranging from the forties to present day, everyone had made so much effort, I could have spent all day just people watching. Also everyone was so lovely, definite a family event with people of all ages including children.
These ladies were Go Go dancers from London. I loved how polished and perfect they looked, even in the middle of a muddy field.

Vintage swimwear

This lady made her own beautiful dress and had her hair and makeup done at one of the onsite salons.

Some more lovely outfits and hair

In the queue for dinner

Some tracksuited boys

I went with my lovely sister and spent most of the afternoon browsing the various vintage shops (more on that in the next post) and drinking cocktails. We then watched some music and had a drink or two before joining the long queue and wait for dinner at the Tangeray Torch Club (more about that in my next post) followed by a little more music. Due to the length of time spent looking at the clothes and queuing for dinner we didn't get to see as much music as we would have liked - soz sis but you did say you were happy to do whatever I wanted! I also missed all of the things that I wanted to do including fashion shows (just couldn't be bothered to queue), the workshops - the circle skirt one was cancelled/ full- however I am not sure that I would have had the patience to do something like this in my completely ever excited state and the hair do (fully booked). I didn't really mind as I was only there for one day but next year I want to do it all.

The Tangeray Cocktail Bar

The main stage

The very stylish wristband

The queue for the toilets! It is not quite as bad as it looks. The toilets were kept very clean except a little mud on the floor. There were plenty of them so the wait was only about 5 minutes.

The warehouse

There were lots of different stages with all sorts of different music, DJ's and live bands. As I mentioned before just too much to do and not enough time (the story of my life!). Other highlights of the day were the food and the vintage high street. There were plenty of food vans with a whole range of choices from fish and chips to toasties and organic produce from the Goodwood Estate. Thankfully there was not a single junk food van anywhere. Apart from my three course meal, I had a toastie and organic lager brewed on the estate. The high street had a Fortnum and Masons for stocking up in Champagne, strawberries etc, numerous beauty salons, a cinema, cocktai bar and traditional pub. It had a great buzz about it in the afternoon between the showers.
In part 2 I will tell more about the 3 course dinner at the Tangeray Torch Club (a fairly stressful experience!) and the vintage shopping.


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