Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Vintage at Goodwood - Part 2

In the second part of my report of my day at Vintage at Goodwood, I thought would tell more of my unfortunate incident in the Tangeray Torch club and more about my vintage shopping.

The Tangeray Torch club was described as a specially constructed 40’s style night club with a dance floor, big stage and a restaurant with a sumptuous menu for luncheon and evening dining served by stylish waiting staff. We decided to treat ourselves to a three course meal in the evening at £35 a head as it sounded great. When we arrived, we headed straight over to book our table we were told that we couldn't book in advance and should just turn up but we were warned not to get there too late. We turned up at about 7.30pm to allow us time to get seated before Kitten Von Mew, a Burlesque act was on and then waited and waited and waited.

Luckily everyone was very friendly in the queue and the couple behind us even shared their champagne. After an hour and a half we were finally seated. As there was a table for four available we shared a table with the couple behind us in the queue. After 15 minutes of being sat down, we were starting to wonder if we were ever going to get our dinner or even a drink when a waitress appeared, looked at the number on our table and demanded to know why we were sat on a VIP table. A little confused, we explained that this is where we had been told to sit. She then demanded that we show her who had seated us and told us that we had jumped the queue and had to go to the back. When we couldn't find the lady she demanded that we move and then called security. When I asked to speak to the manager, she just said 'I am the manager'

All credit to the man from security who very diplomatically spent about 15 minutes trying to persuade us to move. Everyone was starting to look by now though and I was starting to get pretty upset and very hungry, but I was not moving for anyone unless they found us another table, which they refused to do.

Eventually, Angela (who we were sharing a table with), who was considerably calmer than me even though she had also been insulted by the incredibly rude and snotty waitress/ manager, managed to get to speak to the manager who told us we should sit down and enjoy our meal we did not have to move. She did also get a reluctant apology from the lady in question, although I did not.

However amazing the Tangeray Torch Club, the food, the entertainment and the atmosphere was, the new waitress who served our meal was also great, I didn't really enjoy my meal after all that, we missed the act that we really wanted to see plus loads of other stuff whilst waiting in the queue and arguing about the table . Our bill came to £10 less than it should have done, I am not sure if that was a deliberate gesture of goodwill or just a mistake though.

Such a shame that this one very rude lady could ruin it for us, when everyone else we had met throughout the day was so lovely including the event staff. Also a shame that after all that (even from our VIP table) we couldn't see some of the acts as the people from the bar all came and stood in front of the tables.

Sorry about the very lengthy account but this was definitely something I felt I needed to get off my chest.

Tangeray torch club vintage at Goodwood Our table and the lovely couple, Angela and Rowland that we shared with.

The view from our table

and so on to the much less stressful and more enjoyable time spent shopping. I loved browsing all the clothes in the vintage stalls. After trying on a few things I seemed to gravitate towards accessories which I need more and don't need to be tried on as the make shift changing rooms were quite hard work. I loved all of the different hats, headbands, hairclips and fascinators and the jewellery. So many beautiful things, I wanted to buy them all, unfortunately, the urge to shop took over and I didn't take as many photos as I would have liked.

Beautiful headpieces and neckwear by Morgaine Alexandra

Lovely jewellery made from recycled bits - Sorry I lost the card with the web address.

Belts and bags by the charity bottletop campaign - made from recycled ring pulls.

I treated myself to this great vintage hat which I though would be perfect for winter. Unfortunately on closer inspection, it doesn't really fit very well - I have a big head + big hair!

I also got this great Liberty scarf. I love the pattern and the colour and have worn it everyday since I got home.

Some more random stuff

A van that you could write on, reminded of going on a training course with the flip charts.

All in all, Apart from the dinner incident, I really enjoyed Vintage at Goodwood. Next year I hope to go for the whole weekend, plan my outfits and footwear a bit better and take lots more pictures.


Annie Spandex said...

Whoah, I've seen recycled can tab purses before but that duffle bag is beyond!

Sherin said...

What a shame about the dinner!
But at least the rest of it sounds fun. I love that picture of you. I really wanted to go to VIntage at Goodwood.

purelovefashion said...

LOVE the vintage/recycled jewellery/necklaces, oooo if I could get my hands on those!