Saturday, 25 September 2010

Bristol Fashion and Gok

I always feel a bit left out when it comes to London Fashion Week. As it is so timely and costly to get to London, I never make it for more than one day. This year due to gigantic work load I couldn't even do that but consoled  myslelf on Saturday with a visit to the ultimate fashion weeender hosted by Gok Wan  at Cabots Circus, Bristol. At the beginning of the year, I decided that I would cover more local fashion events so here it is.

London Fashion Week it wasn't but it definitely gave me a big reminder that fashion should be fun. Among Auntie Gok's! (as he liked to refer to himself) little pearls of wisdom in the Q&A session were 'If you've got them, get those bad boys out, its what separates the men from the women' in answer to a question about age appropriate dress and 'scruffy is sexy' in response to a question on how to wear scarves (for men) this winter, he also mentioned neutral colours like taupe for menswear.

The fashion shows included Hobbs, French Connection, LK Bennett, Fred Perry and Fat Face. I haven't posted loads of pictures as they mostly featured the backs of peoples heads. I did have the excuse of having two children with me which made it impossible to push to the front or stand on the bench to take photos.

The clothes whilst nothing too groundbreaking were all incredibly stylish. I particularly liked the clothes by Hobbs, a retailer that I have never paid much attention to in the past for some reason. I will definitely be checking it out in my on going search for that perfect coat. I didn't really get much chance to look at the shops with the children in tow (we also spent ages on a very leisurely lunch in Cafe Rouge) but plan to return in the next few weeks. I have only been to Cabots Circus twice since it opened but this event reminded me to stop complaining about not being able to get to London as often as I would like, Cabots Circus has plenty of shops to keep me busy, it only took 40 minutes to get there and parking was much less than I expected at £4 something.


Niki said...

I sadly missed the fashion weekender; it looks like it was fab. If you like the Hobbs range then check out their NW3 range (which is currently stocked in John Lewis or the Bath Hobbs branch). I love its quintessential English quirkiness!

Annie @ Wiloh said...

Fun times. :)

Meream said...

How fun! I wish we have events this big in my little city.

Anonymous said...

I love Gok! He's got such personality. I'd love to get to know him.