Thursday, 2 September 2010

Florals For Men

mens floral striped flock shirt

I have finally managed to get Mr Style Eyes to wear florals. He has fairly set opinions on certain things in life, one being that that men should not wear florals. I think think the fact that the pattern is in black and it has an underlying stripe making this shirt a striped rather than a floral shirt might have swung it on this occasion and he has actually admitted to liking his new floral shirt.

The floral shirt was very kindly sent by Blue Inc and I believe that the textured black pattern is called 'flocking'. It is available in both a black and white stripe (like this one) or black and grey stripe. It kind of reminds me of wall paper (in a good way). It looks equally good with a pair of jeans or slightly smarter black trousers. I love it and think it definitely adds a bit of style to his almost pattern free wardrobe. I will just have to make sure he doesn't wear it in the same day as I wear a full on floral print dress or we may look a bit much.

What do you think to men wearing florals- yay or nay?

Ceri X


La Jodi3 & La Couture said...

i like this top.... it's very nice!

JanLou said...

Looks great and well done Mr Style Eyes for playing model for the blog.