Monday, 13 September 2010

Join The Revolution For A New Fashion Democracy

clothes competition
I have been getting a bit fed up lately by magazines telling me what I must have for the season ahead. Based on the word of just one person (or maybe 3 or 4), the whole country is supposed to be wearing a camel cape. This just seems a little absurd to me. I like to follow fashion but I will pick out what I want to wear.

The Shopping Forecast , a brand new interactive website, has come at just the right time for me. A time when I am becoming a little disheartened with the 'fashion dictatorship'. I want to get inspiration but not be told what to wear and this site offers an interesting new democratic approach to the trends for the season ahead.

The site allows you (and everyone else), the chance to have your say about what you would love to see in the shops, by voting and rating the items of clothing on the site. Your vote actually really counts and the data will be used to provide information to buyers to help them decide on the clothes to stock for the season ahead, hopefully making it easier for us all to buy the lovely clothes that we like and want. Another key benefit to this approach is that there will hopefully be less waste caused by the clothes in the shops that no one wants to buy, which is also better for the environment.

You can also comment on items, check out what everyone else likes and save your favourites to your own personal wardrobe. By signing up and voting you also get the chance to win your favourite item each month.

The items that appear on the Shopping Forecast are selected by a style council comprising of self confessed fashion enthusiasts and some experts. I am on the style council (definitely as an enthusiast rather than expert) along with some other fashion bloggers that you might just recognise.

Here are just a few of my picks for this autumn and winter. You can sign up to rate/ vote these and lots more pieces here. I would love to here your thoughts. Which clothes do you want for the autumn and winter?

Ceri X


Trivia said...

nice :)

beingdena said...

hey sweets thanks for dropping by. Will for sure write a review on the mask in a few weeks time.

Love this post. Just as you I won't be wearing the camel cape everyone will be wearing. Sure I like to follow fashion and trends butI won't fall victim to it.


Leia said...

I'm so excited abou this!!


lisa said...

This website sounds like an interesting concept! Hmm this is probably just me, but I've never taken the "this is what you must wear" fashion dictatorship too seriously. Trends are good and fun, but at the end of the day I want to buy things I love that will transcend seasonal whims.

Miss N said...

ooh what a great idea, thanks for the link - will definatley be checking it out

Urban Celebrity said...

that's an awesome concept - I've already spotted a few awesome outfits! thank you for sharing!

Annie @ Wiloh said...

I LOVE the purse you picked out!

Iyong Salvador said...

Wow!!This blog was awesome!!Pretty and nice.Like it.Thank you for sharing and posting!!
Love your thoguhts!!
God Bless

Winnie said...

I like this idea and I'm interested to see how this translates to the stock that the stores carry.

Flygbilljetter said...

Fashion trend should be this way.
It shouldn't be all about strong branding.

bagsful said...

So true, the entire population will this A/W be walking the streets in camel capes and shearling jackets. Please!
If everyone took more creative control of their own style, I think a fairer type of fashion would naturally surface - less demand for millions of the same garment in a short time frame = less sweatshops... Perhaps...!