Thursday, 9 September 2010

Would you wear an evening dress to pop to Tesco?

I really wanted a maxi skirt for the autumn as they are so easy to wear. I have looked around but so far have come up with ones in synthetic fabrics. I also have a problem with maxi skirts as I am only 5ft 2. First many of them don't fit me and secondly they need to be quite a slim fit or they look too much.
black maxi evening dress
This black evening dress was on rail to sell, swap or donate (bought for me by my mum and for a uni ball almost 15 years ago, I think that almost makes it vintage),when it suddenly occurred to me that it has a maxi skirt on it. Why not wear it instead of a maxi skirt.

It is made of a crinkly material and has an empire line so is comfortable and flattering. The skirt also flares only slightly and drapes well. Best of all it fits me just right so no alternations needed. The benefit of it being a dress over a skirt is that I can also wear it with cropped tops which I could never do with a skirt because of my tummy. I also quite like the idea of wearing my evening dress to pop down Tescos or pick the children up from school

Here are a few of the outfits I have made with it but I am absolutely sure I have yet to exploit it to its full potential.
vintage kimono jacketWith a vintage kimono jacket I got from ebay. Actually it was more of a kimono style dressing gown in a synthetic sort of fabric but I loved the floral pattern. It looked too long on me so for the purpose of this photo I have folded it under as I haven't had time to take it up yet. Belt - Next, Wedge boots - Topshop.

cashmere karen millen jumperWith an old cashmere Karen Millen jumper. I love this jumper as it is so soft but it had a big moth hole right in the front of it. I haven't been able to part with it and it suddenly dawned on me why not make it into a cropped jumper. Again for the purpose of the photo I have just folded it under as I haven't had time to take it up yet. Elephant necklace - Etsy, Suede bag - Dorothy Perkins.
jersey biker jacket

For an even more relaxed look I tried it with this grungey grey jersey jacket which I got in the Next sales a year or two ago with a necklace which was a birthday present from my mum.
I love the idea of multi tasking clothes that you can adapt for different occasions and outfits. I have spotted some other examples of multi tasking recently on Gem Fatale with her granny skirt which turns into a dress and Disney Roller Girl with jumpers worn as scarves (perhaps another great idea for my lovely soft moth eaten jumper).
Do have any great multi tasking clothes? Would you consider wearing an evening dress or even a Christmas party dress to pop down Tesco?


Melissa said...

At not even five feet, I agree that it's hard to find longer skirts that fit! I'm so glad you discovered this one. The length is perfect on you!

I do have a few pieces that I can wear to work or out for date night. It's fun and challenging to find different ways to wear pieces.

Trivia said...

i like the 3rd look best :D

Style of a Fashionista said...

You have come up with some fabulous outfits I can see this piece being a major item of your A/W wardrobe xoxo

Laura Connell said...

An evening dress to pop to Tesco is better than YOGA PANTS which is the trend here in North America. I say life is too short: always overdress!

Winnie said...

I like buying clothes that can fit a multitude of purposes, makes them more worth the money! Looking great in the dress!