Friday, 22 October 2010

Autumn Treats and Creative Time

Tesco cupcakes - yesss Tesco's now sell proper nice cupcakes. As I don't live in London or a big city there is no where to buy nice cupcakes near me. I get very jealous when other bloggers post pictures of cupcakes - now I can do my own.  My girls went mad when I made them wait for me to take photos before they could eat them. They come in boxes of four! This is a red velvet one and whilst perhaps not as tasty as freshly baked ones from a bakery, it was very delicious.

African Prints in Autumnal Colours - My new skirt from ASOS Africa has arrived and I am very pleased with it. If you haven't yet checked out ASOS Africa, it is well worth a look for a great way to add some colour to your autumn wardrobe.
Berry Lipsticks - I love Chanel lipstick and my new Rouge Noir lipstick was just a little treat that goes perfectly with most evening outfits and some neutral coloured ones too. I always think that it is the finishing touches that make an outfit.
Getting Organised - I have been wanting a way of organising my necklaces for a long while now and this hook from a local boutique (you can order them online from Bombay Duck) was just the ticket.
A New Coat - I have finally made up my mind on a winter coat and got it just in time for the cold weather . I opted for this Maison Scotch coat which is available from either Coggles or ASOS. It is a really nice cut but a slightly thinner fabric than I expected so I ordered a slightly bigger size so that I can fit a cashmere cardi underneath if the weather is really cold. I haven't managed to take any pictures of me wearing it yet but will do soon.

Whilst all of these things are lovely autumn treats, what I have really been wanting for some time now is a little bit of time and space to be creative, this would be the best treat. Here are the creative things that I have been wanting to do.
  • Shorten my vintage kimono jacket
  • Make a collar with some scraps of lace I have left over
  • Customise some secondhand knitwear with lace, scraps of fabric and beads.
  • Take some amazzing autumn photos with lots of beautiful leaves
  • Redesign my workspace - it is such a mess at the moment and needs to be more of a creative space
  • I love cooking. Cupcakes, soup, great big roasts, curry I just need a bit of time to get a glass of wine, out on some music and get cooking.
I am making it a priority to have some me time and do these things in November and December.

What are your favourite autumn treats and how do you get creative?


PinkBow said...

oohh thanks for the heads up on the tesco cupcakes!! i did buy some lemon from there but didn't know they did red velvet, will definitely check them out. love chanel :-)

MargieF said...

ı very much agree tht ıts the fınıshınf touches that make an outfıt. your lıpstıck ıs defınıtely a great fınıshıng touch ıts so dramatıc. hmm walkıng ın the forest when ıts raınıng or cookıng wıth the back door and wındows open when ıts raınıng are my favourıte autumn\wınter thıngs to do. anythıng wıth raın ınvolved actually!