Friday, 15 October 2010

Friday Finds - Autumn Updates

Hope you are having a lovely Friday. I have been a bit lax with Friday Finds lately due to work being so busy but have saved up my favourites over the last few weeks so I hope you enjoy.

Printed Pencil Skirt by ASOS Africa - when it  first launched, I wondered at first if the ASOS Africa range might only be the sort of summery clothes that I would wear on holiday but how wrong I was. I have just ordered this skirt and it is amazing (unfortunately I have had to send to back and get a slightly bigger size). It is really well made, beautiful rich colours, a great shape and it it lined making it quite thick for the winter - a definite thumbs up and I can't wait for my new one to arrive.

Organic Cotton Maxi Dress - I just love the simplicity of this dress by new eco label Fair and True from Fashion Conscience. The perfect combination of comfort and elegance. They also do a very nice organic cotton maxi skirt.

Velvet Party Dress - with Christmas only 9 weeks away, I can't help thinking about party dresses (as if I haven't got enough already) and I love the lady like style of this Tara Startlet forties style dress. I also love the colour - brown which is quite unusual for a party dress and makes a change to black.

Lilli Diamond Maxi Dress - this beutiful maxi dress was in the vintage collection at Urban Outfitters. I love the shape and I love the colours, it is quite pricey though. 
Navy Floral Blazer - This is a great way to liven up a plain old pair of jeans. Although actually I don't often wear jeans so would probably end up pattern mixing it with a floral dress.


MargieF said...

the maxı dress ıs lovely. sımple shapes lıke that are really my thıng especıally for layerıng ın wınter....and what?chrıstmas ıs only 9 weeks away...??

Pearl Westwood said...

Some really great finds, I really love African prints and the flowers on the maxi are really striking!

Ione said...

That floral jacket would style up any pair of jeans or a simple dress. Pair it up with boots and you're good to go! I love it!
Luc Jenson
70's Clothing

WendyB said...

Love that skirt.