Friday, 8 October 2010

Pink Again and the Six Items Or Less Challenge

As it is pink week, I had to dig out my favourite bright pink tights. The only problem being that they are not quite as flattering on the legs as plain black tights. They look best when worn with heels. One plus point of the weather getting colder and autumn finally arriving is that I get to wear my clumpy Topshop wedge boots that I bought last winter. I have been wanting to wear them all summer but they just looked wrong with summer dresses.

My outfit
dress- Oasis
scarf- a present
Tights- Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - Topshop

I am enjoying dressing in pink this week, it has really cheered me up (also really glad to promoting breast cancer awareness). It is funny how challenging yourself to wear certain items or limiting yourself on what you can wear forces you to be more creative with outfits so you wear stuff that you wouldn't usually wear.

Have you heard about Six Items or Less? It is a global challenge examining the power of what we don't wear. Basically you choose six items of clothing or less to wear for a month. undergarments, sports clothes, mandated work uniforms, swimwear, accessories, pajamas, shoes, outer wear (that’s only worn outside) are not included in your six.

I am considering doing such a challenge as this would be the ultimate in practising what I preach in terms of sustainable style. But such a challenge would create a number of difficulties for me not least in deciding which six items to choose and making sure that they were clean and ironed ready for when I needed them (that does not equate to one outfit per day).

Whilst most people assume the Six Items or Less challenge is about consumerism, it is not really about anything other than putting a challenge out there and seeing what people bring to and the discussions it creates.

Would you consider wearing six items or less for a month?

Ceri X


Danielle said...

Cute tights - love the colour!


Meream said...

I've heard of it, actually. I was thinking of doing it since it probably won't be a problem for me considering I work from home. Will have to think this through,though.. :)