Sunday, 10 October 2010

Pink Weekend and Bus Life

Following on with the challenge to wear something pink each day for breast cancer awareness, I wore my beaded vintage top on Saturday afternoon to go out for dinner with Mr Style Eyes and the children.I bought it on ebay a month or two ago and it has beautiful brightly coloured beaded flowers over it. Sparkly and flowers in one top - this makes me feel so happy although it can be difficult to know what to wear it with. I usually opt for a denim pencil skirt but here I am wearing jeans.  
On Sunday we went out and about in out and about so I needed something a little more practical. I desided to wear khaki trousers (Mango) with a grey jumper (Topshop) and grey jersey jacket (Next). I go the pink neck scarf from Round London. The bag wa a present from my mum.

The reason that we went out and about this weekend was to try out the new (old) VW camper van that we have just invested in. Unfortunately it is a bit cold to camp at the moment so we will have to wait until the Spring to give it a proper try out, but for now we are happy to go out for the day to local beauty spots (here is Mr Style Eyes at the White horse in Wiltshire) for walks, kite flying etc, followed by cups of tea and delicious bacon sandwiches cooked by Mr Style Eyes.

Next summer we hope to make good use of 'the bus' when we go to quite a few of the summer festivals, not fully decided which yet but Vintage at Goodwood is high on the list. We will also be visiting some of our favourite spots in Devon, Dorset and Cornwall.


Melissa said...

Great job with the pink! I really love the pop in the pink scarf.

Winnie said...

Liking that beaded top! It's incredible and you wear it well.

Soho500 said...

Keep up the awareness..shows people that you care.

classycareergirl said...

That is awesome that you are wearing pink everyday for a great cause! Cute outfits!

Meream said...

You have a VW camper? I am jealous. That's my dream car. Haha. :)