Monday, 8 November 2010

Matthew Williamson For Bonfire Night

On Saturday night Mr Style Eyes very kindly took our daughter to the local bonfire night and fireworks display allowing me a few moments of peace and tranquilty (except for a few low bangs which terrified the cats) to prepare dinner and get ready for our friends coming round. As it was freeezing cold he dressed up warm in this new Bayswater Hoody  from Blue Inc. I love the way that it is simple, casual with a slightly vintage look. In fact it looks so toasty warm, I am considering getting one myself. Perhaps we could go out in our his and hers sometime. It also comes in a very nice grey marl.

Even though I didn't go to the fireworks display, I decided that my 'fireworks' dress, bought last year from the Matthew Williamson range at Debenhams would be quite appropriate. The necklace is from House of Fraser, again bought last year.

Here are am pretending to actually be doing something in the kitchen, Actually I made Jamie Olivers 5 hour lamb which involved a whole bottle of white (for cooking not drinking) and putting a leg of lamb in the oven for 5 hours. This is my favourite easy peasy but looks impressive recipe for when I have people over.

Unfortunately shortly after this photo was taken, I put the veg on to boil and didn't realise that it had no water in it - it burnt. No worries though, I am quite accustomed to such culinary disasters which is perhaps why I always prepare far to much veg.

What did you do this weekend and how did you wrap up warm for the fireworks?

Ceri X

PS Laura commented on my last post that I should make my pictures bigger. I have enlarged them, what do you think? too big?


Winnie said...

Your dress is definitely a great dress for bonfire night! You look great.

cherry pullinger said...

Great dress!

Laura Connell said...

Haha, I'm so honoured that you adjusted your photo size for me. I like them much better this size! I can really see your outift which is divine. I am so into colour and patterns lately. What are the fireworks for?