Thursday, 18 November 2010

Dolce and Gabbana Inspiration and Christmas Creativity

Last weekend I went to my Mother in Laws for lunch which gave me a rare chance to relax and do not very much all afternoon. I am find it impossible to sit and do nothing at home and rarely get the opportunity to watch TV or read a magazine so it was a real treat for me.

I decided to wear an outfit that combines polka dots and animal print. I am a big of bold black and white prints and patterns and so when I saw this look at the Dolce and Gabbana AW10 collection I just wanted to give it a go. My version is slightly different as my animal print is grey and black rather than shades of brown.

Is anyone starting to feel Christmassy yet? I popped into a Christmas market in the local town on the weekend which got me into the  festive spirit. I have also seen some great Christmas pressy ideas on BSB.  Actually I am doing really well with my Christmas shopping so far. My plan is to get it done as early as possible this year leaving December free for celebrating, we are definitely starting Christmas early this year at Style Eyes towers.

On the weekend the children made salt dough Christmas tree decorations. They are really easy to make you just make the dough with the recipe here and then cut or make them into whatever shapes you like and leave them to dry out for a few days. You can also paint them or cover them with glitter or sequins. It was my daughters idea to add pink food colouring which makes them look good enough to eat. I managed to nab a bit of the dough to make some decorations of my own. Below are my very quick attempts to make fashion related Christmas tree decorations. I had an idea that perhaps this year we could just have pink decorations on the tree perhaps combined with some black tinsel. This was greeted with 'no way' from the girls. I guess it wouldn't be Christmas without our colourful mish mash tree.

Cardigan - George at Asda (from  years ago)
Dress - Marks and Spencers
Boots - Topshop

What are you doing to get ready for Christmas?

Ceri X


MargieF said...

christms is a very distant entity for me atm but i cant wait to get christmas far my favourite thing in december is the present shopping. and the wrapping.

Laura Connell said...

Thank you for this tip! I have been looking for things to do with the children that don't cost a bomb and this will be a fun and easy activity for us to enjoy together!

Hanna said...

I totally love your vest, it's amazing!

PinkBow said...

i haven't started to do anything bad! i love a monotone palette!

Sherin said...

I reallyl ove that cardi. The print looks great. And the decorations your children made are so adorable.

* Reena Rai * said...

Love the outfit and the slightly clashing prints