Monday, 22 November 2010

Going To The Dogs

On Saturday night, I went to the dog races for the first time ever. It was a great night out with a three course meal (Ok it wasn't gourmet) for £24. I didn't really win very much (less than I spent) but Mr Style Eyes won on just about every race, same as he always does when we go to the horse races.

Having never been to the races I was a bit uncertain what to wear. Our friends said it was pretty casual and as we were sat inside in the restaurant we didn't need to dress up too warm. I don't really wear jeans and as I don't go on a saturday night very often I decided stuff it, I was going to get a bit dressed up. Also no children and being sat down all night was the perfect opportunity to wear my wedge boots. It was very casual but I felt completely comfortable, the atmosphere was so relaxed.

As usual I was late getting ready and only had about 10 minutes to get changed, make up on and out the door. This photo was taken in an extreme rush. In hind sight I should have worn something a bit warmer. I didn't realise that the dress was not very warm at all until I stepped outside. The burn out parts of the design are extremely thin and let in quite a draft, next time I am wearing my big coat.

Dress - Something Else by Natalie Wood
Leather jacket - Gestultz
Tight - Dorothy Perkins
Wedge Boots -Topshop

What did you do at the weekend and what did you wear to keep warm.

Ceri X


Laura Connell said...

Dog races sounds interesting. Greyhounds? My friend has a greyhound who used to race and now is retired :)

Style Eyes said...

yes it was greyhounds. They seem like lovely dogs.