Saturday, 27 November 2010

Let It Snow

Was really excited to wake up to snow this morning (although we don't often get much where we live). My  Blend Intarsia Shawl Cardigan from Blue Inc arrived just in time for a cosy snow ready outfit. The cardigan was actually from the mens wear section. I have been wanting a really cosy cardigan for a while and just couldn't find the right one. It was Giselle from Style of a Fashionista who inspired me to check out the mens wear with one of her recent outfits.

In the past I have steered clear of menswear as I am so short and I was worried it would look ridiculous. However when the weather gets cold, Mr Style Eyes clothes always look so much more inviting than my own. I decided to wear leggings to balance out the volume of the cardigan and a belt to give it a little shape in the waist.

I think Mr Style  Eyes would quite like to have the cardi for himself but there is just no way he is getting his hands on this baby. And if you are wondering how warm it is, it is really warm. I layered two thin tops and wore this cardigan outside without a coat (although I wasn't going any great distance just from car to shops).

The knitted headband is one of the items that I recently bought from blogger Franca of Oranges and Apples. I will hopefully be featuring the other items in my next post. The necklace was £4 in the Oasis sale and I just couldn't resist. I am also wearing my favourite Chanel Rouge Noir lippy.

Have you had snow? what have you been wearing?
Hope you are having a lovely weekend and keeping warm.

Ceri X

ps if you are going skiing in the near future or just want some really warm clothes please checkout my picks on Adidas Stella McCartney Ladies Ski Jacket.


PinkBow said...

I love the Cardigan. And what a fantastic idea to look at the menswear section. I hadn't thought of it either...but I will... :-)

Franca said...

Yay, nice to see you wearing it! My blog is called Oranges and Apples though, I did try for A&O, but it was gone!

I also love that cardie!

kirstyb said...

that jumper looks perfect for the snow - im soooooo cold right now xxxx

Soho500 said...

I love to wear cardigans before winter and the cold really set in. Sweaters are warm and cozy. No snow yet in NYC.

Style Eyes said...

Sorry Franca, will change it now!

Laura Connell said...

Like what you've done with that belt. Very cool. I've always liked belted cardigans and the contrasting shades work well.

Sherin said...

I love this winter look. The cardi is lovely. I need to start getting some winter gear.

Leia said...

Love the cardi you're wearing! :)