Thursday, 4 November 2010

Outfits and Weekly Round Up

I am behind on posting some of my outfits over the last week (story of my life at the moment!) so I though I would combine them all in one long post included with my weekly round up.

Following on with my scarf obsession, I needed something to brighten up this very neutral outfit.

Top - Debenhams
Trousers - Autograph at Marks and Spencers
Shoes - Pilkolinos (from Spartoo)
Scarf - ASOS - I think
Jacket - Topshop, a long long time ago

This outfit is a bit of an unusual colour combination for winter. The skirt is a actually a summer skirt but I wore it with my favourite new cable knit tights. The shirt is too long so I have tied it in a knot.  The bag kind of makes it look a bit out of shape but an across the body bag is the only practical option for me when out and about with children.

Top- Next
Skirt - swapped on
Tights - Dororthy Perkins
Boots - El Naturalista (on Spartoo)
Jacket - Autograph at M&S (quite old)

If you live in London or fancy a weekend trip there, there is a great vintage fair running on 14th November in Primrose Hill. This is a great chance to stock up on some unique Christmas presents or get yourself a coat which could include some of the seasons key trends like the camel coat or cape. There are some complimentary tickets up for grabs on the website which you can apply for by visiting Vintage Fashion Fair London.

If you have ever owned a pair of Ugg boots you will probably find them so warm and comfy that you don't want to take them off. Whilst I love being warm and my footwear has to be practical, I am not really a fan of Ugg boots perhaps because you just see so many people wearing them. The latest item on my winter wish list is a really stylish, warm and eco friendly boot from There is a whole range of styles but my favourites are the tweed ones which I think would look great with my beloved cable knit tights.

I have been really busy this week writing about xmas party dresses, have you started thinking about Christmas yet?

Below are some of my most recent picks for Winter 2010 on the Shopping Forecast. If you would like to vote for any them please just click on them. For those who register on the site, each vote will count as a chance to win your favourite item from the site each month.

Will you be going to any fireworks displays over the weekend? I am hoping to give it a miss in favour of cooking a yummy meal at home for my friends in peace and quiet.

Have a good one!

Ceri X


Franca said...

that dip dye skirt is aceness!

carla said...

That scarf suits you well...

Laura Connell said...

I like the gradation on that skirt. Make the pictures larger next time so we can see the details better.

Cherry Pullinger said...

Love the scarf :)

agenzia hostess Verona said...

She looks pretty and gorgeous.