Wednesday, 8 December 2010

A Christmas Lunch With The Girls

I don't seem to spend nearly enough time with my girl friends so yesterday we decided to take the day off for a girls Christmas lunch. We went to a little bistro in a market town called Devizes and I had a delicious platter of falafel and different salads and bread.

I fought the urge to wear leggings and boots as I have been doing everyday lately, I thought that a girl's lunch was definitely a good opportunity to get a bit dressed up and I was glad I did, I was lovely and warm when I put my winter coat on. I wore a skirt by ASOS Africa, Top by People Tree, Shoes by Bronx and my new hairband from Oranges and Apples. One necklace just didn't seem enough so I added another. 

I was really gutted that I didn' take my camera as on the way over I saw the most amazing scenery. Made me feel really festive.

I also took the opportunity while child free to have a little browse around the shops, something that I really get to do. I love looking around boutiques, delicatessens and shops in little towns and managed to get the last Christmas present that I needed. There is an great boutique which is part of a small local chain called Spirit, it has an amazing selection of clothes and accessories by a huge range of labels. I couldn't help myself when I saw this top by Traffic People and had to get it as it will go so perfectly with my black pencil  skirt for Christmas. It has a great shape with big puffed sleeves and a fitted band around the waist. It also has beautiful applique and beading around the neckline.

I keep seeing the label Traffic People online and have seen some gorgeous pieces by them. On Googling them, I found that there is also a Traffic People shop in Bath, I never even knew it was there, but I will definitely be checking it out next time I am there. Has anyone else bought or seen anything they love by this label?

Have a great week

With warmest wishes

Ceri X


daisychain said...

I love your outfit :)

Retro Chick said...

I love your outfit. The colours of the necklace go so well with the skirt.

Laura Connell said...

You look amazing. I can't believe you're talking about Christmas lunch and have finished your seasonal shopping. You put me to shame!

Franca said...

great skirt and glad you are getting wear out of your headbands. I plan on spending christmas knitting away, so that I have more to sell!

Leia said...

Love your skirt! :)


JanLou said...

Love your skirt. I havent fallen into the leggings and boots trap myself, my winter uniform is more jumper dress with tights and boots which is so easy to wear and still looks really feminine.

Winnie said...

That skirt is really fab! Such great colours in the print. That's a lovely top too!

* Reena Rai * said...

Love the outfit and matching colours

Sherin said...

Must have been so relaxing to go out with girl friends!!

I love that skirt you're wearing. Such pretty colours.