Friday, 3 December 2010

Friday Finds - Eco Friendly And Ethical Christmas Gifts

Christmas is all about giving but it is also a time when we tend to become quite consumeristic buying excessive things that we or others don't need and creating vast amounts of waste. They say that 'it is the thought that counts' and I would always much prefer to recieve a present that someoney has really thought about than something that they have spent lots of money without thinking too much. Finding eco friendly and ethical ways of giving gifts at Christmas can take a little time but anyone who knows me well will realise that I would really appreciate that time and thought.

One of the best ways to give thoughtful and sustainable gifts is to make them yourself. What you make will really depend on your talent but could include plants you grown, items that you have sewn or knitted, jewellery, biscuits, fudge or food of some sort or even something like baby sitting vouchers (now this is something that would make me really happy).

Another great idea for making your Christmas gifts more sustainable is by having a secret santa amongst your family and friends, so each person only buys one really special present rather than something for everyone.

Here are a few other Eco friendly and ethical gift ideas:

NV Calcutta - Fairtrade Uma Silk Scarf Leopard Print

Shared Earth Evening Bags

Vintage Pretty Pink Headscarf

Nordic Mittens by Lowie
Ethical leather sash belt
Silk cord knitted necklace in Fairtrade organic cotton
Have you started Christmas shopping yet? What will you be buying?

Ceri X


Soho500 said...

Love the belt. Now I only buy gifts if I see something that is awesome for someone that I know, whether we exchange or not. I only buy what I think the person would love. But then again I do this all thru the year not just on the holidays.

daisychain said...

What pretty picks :)

purelovefashion said...

One of your best blogposts! Lovely scarf and bags/purses :) really nice.

minnja said...

Beautiful :))))


Laura Connell said...

Terrific message at this time of year. I love edible gifts, both giving and receiving them. My most appreciated foray was into the art of making Irish Creme and pouring into pretty bottles (these can be recycled). People talked about it for years after and recipe is easy to find on the internet

Harriet said...

I love the pretty vintage pink scarf, buying vintage for someone for christmas is such a lovely thing to do, and very personal.

Sherin said...

Eco Christmas gifts are such a good idea. I love that vintage headscarf.