Saturday, 18 December 2010

Sensible Footwear

I have some great sensible and warm winter footwear at the moment. Unfortunately none of them are suitable for the sort of deep snow that we are experiencing at the moment either because they are not waterproof or not high enough. One piece of footwear that I do not own and have always resisted buying is well boots but without a doubt for some situations they really are the most practical option. They would not just be good for the snow but also that wet grass in the morning when I will be camping in our old VW camper van next year and any festivals that I manage to get to (assuming it rains).

Part of the reassons that I have never invested in a pair of welly boots is that I just don't like the way that they look. Then I spotted these from Spartoo:

Hunter Carnaby Black

and these.

Hunter Original Tall in Violet

They would also be particularly  useful for wearing for Vintage (which will no longer be at Goodwood) if the weather is wet. They have announced on their Facebook page that next years event will not be at Goodwood, which seems like a shame as it was such a success this year. There has been plenty of disagreement with this desicion and a Facebook group to keep it at Goodwood, I am just keeping my fingers crossed that they don't move it too far away as it takes forever to get anywhere in the camper an desparately want to go.


Laura Connell said...

My only regret in life is not snagging a pair of hot pink Hunter boots I saw at Winners for about $30. When I returned to rectify my mistake, they were gone (of course). Love the Hunters although here it's more for show than the weather.

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Love the Hunters have never bought a pair as I have some Pucci wellies which have lasted years.