Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Style Eyes Weekly Fashion Round Up

I am not really sure how I have managed to get through the last week. Not only have I had the cold from hell but everyone else in the house has been ill resulting in me having no more than a few hours sleep each night. I have found hot chocolate to be the best way to make myself feel better. Anyway enough of my moaning, at least hopefully we will have all the colds out of the way for Christmas.

I have been vaguely considering a 12 days of Christmas feature where I post a festive outfit for each day starting on Christmas day (although I am not actually planning on logging on on Christmas day, so may prepare my posts in advance). What does everyone think and does anyone fancy joining me?

I have now recieved the name of the fashion blogger who I will be making a Christmas gift for as part of the British Style Bloggers secret snowflake. I can't reveal either who I am giving to or what I will be making them as it is all top secret. How exciting! I am wishing I had gone to this much effort with all my Christmas presents this year instead of just buying them. I may feature a tutorial of what I have made in the new year though.

Other exciting events this week have including the beginning of the Spring season on The Shopping Forecast. As a style councillor, I have to submit the fashions and styles that I like for Spring 2011 to be voted on by the public. You can check out my picks here or just check out all the new fashion on the site (and register and vote for the chance to win £200 worth of clothes). I have also been writing about trends for Spring 2011 in the post Will Spring 2011 be all white?

This week on the Fashion Buzz, I have been showing off my picks of  animal print dresses, coats and accessories and Vivienne Westwood Shoes - recyclable and vegan. You can also check out all my favourite duffle coats on the newly updated page on designerhighstreet.com.

My outfit features my new tweed boots from Po-zu, they are ethical, eco friendly and also amazingly comfortable and warm, they have been welded to my feet over the past few days. The dress is from Wholly Cow a year or two ago and cable knit tights from Dorothy Perkins.


MargieF said...

those boots are the cutest things! i bet they go with everything as well. you are so lucky getting to write about fashion so much

Winnie said...

Your dress is lovely. The print is really great on it!

How exciting about the blogger xmas present. It's such a great idea. Also hope your cold gets better!

Also F21 launched their website the day after it opened in Birmingham!