Monday, 13 December 2010

A Very Late Friday Finds - Christmas Party Dresses

Friday seems to have come and gone without me managing to write the post that I had planned on Christmas party dresses. As we are now speeding towards Christmas with the festive party season in full swing and less than 2 weeks to go until the big day (not wanting to panic you or anything), I decided I couldn't wait until next Friday for this post.

This post is inspired by the most amazing beaded evening dress that I spotted in a Barnados charity shop last week for just £24. I couldn't believe how amazing it was and in perfect condition (and my size). Unfortunately I do not have any formal parties to go to this year (and very rarely do) so just couldn't justify a space in my already bursting wardrobe. But for those who do have something formal to go to this Christmas, I wanted to prove just how many amazing second hand and vintage evening dresses there are out there. If none of these take your fancy, I would definitely recommend trying a local charity shop.

House of Fraser Beaded Blue Dress - Oxfam - £24.99 - size medium

Jigsaw Burgundy Beaded Dress - Oxfam - £9.99 - size small
Bernshaw Black Halterneck Dress With Beaded And Ruffle Detail - Oxfam - £29.99 - size 14

Deep Purple Evening Dress - Posh Swaps - size 8

Sequin Streamer Dress - Preta Portobello £95 size 12

Debut Evening Dress - Preloved - £20 - Size 12
Have you got any parties to go to this Christmas? Would love to hear what you will be wearing.

With warmest wishes

Ceri X


Pearl Westwood said...

I actually bought a vintage black beaded evening dress in the summer at Cow vintage I think it was only £20 - I then spent a fortune on a pair of Chanel heels which go perfectly with it! And nope I have not been invited to any formal events to wear this fabulous outfit too either but at least I am prepared right!

northwest is best said...

Nice finds! I volunteer in an Oxfam, and we get some gorgeous clothing. I don't think there's much point spending a lot of money on a new party dress - you won't wear it that often, plus there's always the risk of a reveller spilling beer on you!

Laura Connell said...

I fell in love with the Oxfam shops in London. Charity shops over there are like boutiques and I got a few amazing one of a kind items for a song while giving to charity at the same time.

Winnie said...

Aw your picks are lovely. I haven't been in my local Oxfam in ages but the area I live in isn't the trendiest so more often than not, it's full of old lady m&s style clothing. Probably should look harder though!