Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Christmas Outfits And Pressies

First of all, I would like to apologise for a distinct lack of Christmas wishes on this blog before Christmas. I came down with flu a week before Christmas and what with everything else going on and work I needed to finish I just didn't have the time or energy to post. I hope that you had a lovely Christmas and the chance to relax and celebrate with family and friends.

Christmas was pretty much ruined by not being well but I just about managed to keep going for some of it. Here is my Christmas.

I have always wanted to make on of these gingerbread houses for Christmas, This year we go one. The gingerbread is ready made so all the children had to do was put on the icing and sweeties. The only problem being it looked far too good to eat.

Christmas Eve we had family to dinner and I cooked mushrooms with stilton breadcrumbs,  fish pie and a great big fruit salad. I wore the Traffic People top that treated myself to a few weeks back, pencil skirt (from a second hand/ vintage shop), hair clip - Dorothy Perkins, shoes by Bronx. 

I didn't manage to get a picture of my Christmas Day outfit which was a red dress from People Tree (a Christmas present from Mr Style Eyes). I will be wearing it some time over New Year though so will get a picture of it then hopefully.

Boxing Day - I went to my Mum and Dad's in Cardiff and also saw my sister and family. I wore this old Monsoon Dress, I love the flowers round the botton with a cardigan by Matthew Williamson at Debenhams and a flower headband which I got a few months ago in the Dorothy Perkins sale. 

For Christmas, I go some beautiful earrings from my girls, a brooch from my sister, a Black Eyed Peas CD from Mr Style Eyes and lots of goodies including bath bitsa and these two scarves (I picked them out at a recent vintage fair) from my Mum. I also got quite a bit of money some of which I have already invested in some skinny cargo trousers in the sales at Oasis, a weekend bag from Cath Kidson and lots of plates and cups and stuff from Cath Kidson for our VW camper van. I am still on the look out for lovely floral clothes perhaps a cardigan or top.

Have you managed to find anything good in the sales yet?

With warmest wishes

Ceri X

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Kimono Jacket

I never got to go on my Christmas night out. Not only was the weather too bad but also my daughter wasn't well. I have now caught her cold and have been feeling sorry for myself and not left the house for the last four days. On the up side, I used the time that I should've spent going out to alter a vintage kimono style jacket that I bought on Ebay quite a while ago. It was too long an looked a bit like a dressing gown (in fact it might have even been a dressing gown), but I just haven't had the chance to shorten it to make it look more jacket like so Sunday night I  dusted off my sewing machine from the place where it has been sat for at least the last five years and got on with it. The jacket is made of that horrible polyester fabric, but I love the floral pattern so much, I can forgive that.

Today I decided to make an effort to get dressed up and go out the  house to Sainsburys to get a few bits of food for Christmas. Big mistake, the place was rammed and made me want to scream. What I am not getting is, why on one of the busiest days of the year people decide to stand in everyones way in the aisles and have a chat?

Vintage Kimono jacket/ dressing gown - Ebay
Black mini dress - Oasis
Leggings - People Tree
Belt- Next
Boots - Topshop
Pendant - a present

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Mr Style Eye's New Military Jacket

Mr Style Eyes was lucky enough to recieve this amazing military style jacket (No Excess Sharp Mac) from Blue Inc just in time for the snow. Here he is in the garden modelling it. It is a little smarter than any of the outdoor jackets that he currently owns so works well for both daytine and an evening out. It has epaulettes and a high neck. It also has a double openin gat the front which allows the outer layer to be left open a little which I think looks best but he can also do it right up to the chin if the weather is really cold.

Apart from looking great, he was really impressed by how warm it was with a quality lining and although not sure if it is completely waterproof it managed to keep him dry in the snow this morning. It also has inside cuffs to keep him sung and warm.

If you are still looking for a Christmas pressy for the OH, Blue Inc have a great range at great prices including this country gent style Nickelson Montparnesse Jacket, not really Mr Style Eyes thing but I love it!

Not long to go until Christmas, I can't wait, what are you looking forward to the most.

With warmest wishes

Ceri X

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Sensible Footwear

I have some great sensible and warm winter footwear at the moment. Unfortunately none of them are suitable for the sort of deep snow that we are experiencing at the moment either because they are not waterproof or not high enough. One piece of footwear that I do not own and have always resisted buying is well boots but without a doubt for some situations they really are the most practical option. They would not just be good for the snow but also that wet grass in the morning when I will be camping in our old VW camper van next year and any festivals that I manage to get to (assuming it rains).

Part of the reassons that I have never invested in a pair of welly boots is that I just don't like the way that they look. Then I spotted these from Spartoo:

Hunter Carnaby Black

and these.

Hunter Original Tall in Violet

They would also be particularly  useful for wearing for Vintage (which will no longer be at Goodwood) if the weather is wet. They have announced on their Facebook page that next years event will not be at Goodwood, which seems like a shame as it was such a success this year. There has been plenty of disagreement with this desicion and a Facebook group to keep it at Goodwood, I am just keeping my fingers crossed that they don't move it too far away as it takes forever to get anywhere in the camper an desparately want to go.

Snowed In!

I am starting to think that a white Christmas is vastly overated. I am not literally snowed in (I could get to the shops if I wanted, unusually though I'm not bothered about shopping at the moment) but it is starting to feel that way.
I have been planning my Christmas night out for ages and have got my outfit all sorted but it is seeming less and less likely that I will be able to go.

I have chosen to go for a retro 40's /50's look with a pencil skirt and the sequin and mesh corset top that I got for a Euro a tiny church jumble sale when I was on holiday in Tenerife (that now seems like a distant memory). I even managed to get my seamed tights which were on sale at Oasis delivered in time on a next day delivery. A shopping trip to Boots in the week (I haven't done one of these in ages) resulted in red nail polish to match my red lipstick, 24 hour eyeliner (mine usually disappears with about half an hour), hair spray, hair clips, hairspray and some false eye lashes.

I am planning an elaborate hair do which I have never done before but have been doing some research on the internet and found some great tutorials. I also really wanted the chance to wear the red fascinator that I bought after spotting on a stall at Vintage at Goodwood and I think will add a fun festive touch to the outfit - it is actually a swallow shape but Mr Style Eyes keeps telling me it looks like a reindeers antler.

This is quite a daring look for me as I have worn outfits with some retro element/ inspiration to them before but have never tried such a glamorous retro look before. It will be more retro inspired then authentic retro as I am not sure that I have the ability to pay that much attention detail. I figured well it is Christmas, so why not?

For snow I am just staying inside and keeping warm in my cosy Blue Inc cardigan and festive red socks. I will keep you posted on whether I manage to make it on my night out and don't bottle out of wearing my planned outfit. 

Do you have any festive nights out planned? will you be adapting your plans or outfits because of the weather?

With warmest wishes

Ceri X

Friday, 17 December 2010

The Greyer The Day The More Colourful The Outfit

I have a new rule: The greyer the day, the more colourful the outfit. I like to put together colour combinations that are not really obvious, for some reason that really cheers me up. Not that I need cheering up with Christmas almost here. I feel like have been waiting for ages.

Scarf - Oasis
Top -  People Tree
Trousers - Mango
Boots - Po-zu

Top - Charity Shop
Skirt - Dorothy Perkins
Tights ??
Shoes - Spartoo

Top - People Tree
Amber pendant necklace - present
Skirt - clothes swap
Tights - Uttam
Boots - El Naturalista

How does the weather affect what you wear and what you wear affect how you feel?

With warmest wishes

Ceri X

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Floral Dress Inspiration For Spring

It might seem like a strange thing to post about spring floral dresses with snow and sub zero temperatures forecast and just over a week to g until Christmas. This year I have been exceptionally organised with my Christmas pressy buying leaving me time to think about other things. Floral prints are one of my favourite things about spring and summer and it looks like they are going to be big news for Spring 2011, if you don't believe me check out new fashion on The Shopping Forecast. Here are some of my favourites from the Spring catwalks.

Erdem - of course!

Jil Sander - not sure about the tent like shape, but I love the print

Vanessa Bruno



What do you think of my floral picks on the Shopping Forecast, If you like please register and vote (you could win £200 of clothes) Have you seen any lovely florals for the Spring?

With warmest wishes


All images from Elleuk.com

Monday, 13 December 2010

A Very Late Friday Finds - Christmas Party Dresses

Friday seems to have come and gone without me managing to write the post that I had planned on Christmas party dresses. As we are now speeding towards Christmas with the festive party season in full swing and less than 2 weeks to go until the big day (not wanting to panic you or anything), I decided I couldn't wait until next Friday for this post.

This post is inspired by the most amazing beaded evening dress that I spotted in a Barnados charity shop last week for just £24. I couldn't believe how amazing it was and in perfect condition (and my size). Unfortunately I do not have any formal parties to go to this year (and very rarely do) so just couldn't justify a space in my already bursting wardrobe. But for those who do have something formal to go to this Christmas, I wanted to prove just how many amazing second hand and vintage evening dresses there are out there. If none of these take your fancy, I would definitely recommend trying a local charity shop.

House of Fraser Beaded Blue Dress - Oxfam - £24.99 - size medium

Jigsaw Burgundy Beaded Dress - Oxfam - £9.99 - size small
Bernshaw Black Halterneck Dress With Beaded And Ruffle Detail - Oxfam - £29.99 - size 14

Deep Purple Evening Dress - Posh Swaps - size 8

Sequin Streamer Dress - Preta Portobello £95 size 12

Debut Evening Dress - Preloved - £20 - Size 12
Have you got any parties to go to this Christmas? Would love to hear what you will be wearing.

With warmest wishes

Ceri X

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

A Christmas Lunch With The Girls

I don't seem to spend nearly enough time with my girl friends so yesterday we decided to take the day off for a girls Christmas lunch. We went to a little bistro in a market town called Devizes and I had a delicious platter of falafel and different salads and bread.

I fought the urge to wear leggings and boots as I have been doing everyday lately, I thought that a girl's lunch was definitely a good opportunity to get a bit dressed up and I was glad I did, I was lovely and warm when I put my winter coat on. I wore a skirt by ASOS Africa, Top by People Tree, Shoes by Bronx and my new hairband from Oranges and Apples. One necklace just didn't seem enough so I added another. 

I was really gutted that I didn' take my camera as on the way over I saw the most amazing scenery. Made me feel really festive.

I also took the opportunity while child free to have a little browse around the shops, something that I really get to do. I love looking around boutiques, delicatessens and shops in little towns and managed to get the last Christmas present that I needed. There is an great boutique which is part of a small local chain called Spirit, it has an amazing selection of clothes and accessories by a huge range of labels. I couldn't help myself when I saw this top by Traffic People and had to get it as it will go so perfectly with my black pencil  skirt for Christmas. It has a great shape with big puffed sleeves and a fitted band around the waist. It also has beautiful applique and beading around the neckline.

I keep seeing the label Traffic People online and have seen some gorgeous pieces by them. On Googling them, I found that there is also a Traffic People shop in Bath, I never even knew it was there, but I will definitely be checking it out next time I am there. Has anyone else bought or seen anything they love by this label?

Have a great week

With warmest wishes

Ceri X

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Style Eyes Weekly Fashion Round Up

I am not really sure how I have managed to get through the last week. Not only have I had the cold from hell but everyone else in the house has been ill resulting in me having no more than a few hours sleep each night. I have found hot chocolate to be the best way to make myself feel better. Anyway enough of my moaning, at least hopefully we will have all the colds out of the way for Christmas.

I have been vaguely considering a 12 days of Christmas feature where I post a festive outfit for each day starting on Christmas day (although I am not actually planning on logging on on Christmas day, so may prepare my posts in advance). What does everyone think and does anyone fancy joining me?

I have now recieved the name of the fashion blogger who I will be making a Christmas gift for as part of the British Style Bloggers secret snowflake. I can't reveal either who I am giving to or what I will be making them as it is all top secret. How exciting! I am wishing I had gone to this much effort with all my Christmas presents this year instead of just buying them. I may feature a tutorial of what I have made in the new year though.

Other exciting events this week have including the beginning of the Spring season on The Shopping Forecast. As a style councillor, I have to submit the fashions and styles that I like for Spring 2011 to be voted on by the public. You can check out my picks here or just check out all the new fashion on the site (and register and vote for the chance to win £200 worth of clothes). I have also been writing about trends for Spring 2011 in the post Will Spring 2011 be all white?

This week on the Fashion Buzz, I have been showing off my picks of  animal print dresses, coats and accessories and Vivienne Westwood Shoes - recyclable and vegan. You can also check out all my favourite duffle coats on the newly updated page on designerhighstreet.com.

My outfit features my new tweed boots from Po-zu, they are ethical, eco friendly and also amazingly comfortable and warm, they have been welded to my feet over the past few days. The dress is from Wholly Cow a year or two ago and cable knit tights from Dorothy Perkins.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Links à la Mode - It Gets Better

It Gets Better

Edited by: The Sunday Best
As we head full on into the "holiday" season, with its unbridled consumerism, endless head-whacking charity pleas, and weird tie-ins, I expected the links list to be inundated with shopping guides. Instead, many dealt with what can only be considered harassment or, terribly, abuse; several looked at blogging as a cathartic experience, others as a rallying cry. I was lucky enough to be raised in an openly affectionate household with two strong female presences in my mother and sister, and this has undoubtedly affected my manner and attitudes as a married man. Since I can't go around changing men and society, no matter how cool that superpower would be, I offer this reminder, in what I believe is the spirit of the season (when that spirit is allowed to express itself unfettered): respect is the bare minimum we owe each other, and the bare minimum we should expect from others. Respect is not necessarily agreement, but it is always acknowledgment. For those who are struggling this season--financially, emotionally, physically--I can only echo the words of Tim Gunn, George Takei, and others when I say, "It gets better." Happy Holidays.

Links à la Mode: December 2


Shopbop Swimwear: Bikinis by: Tibi, Rosa Cha, Clout, DVF, Red Carter, Thayer, Spanx, Cosabella, & Shoshanna

Friday, 3 December 2010

Friday Finds - Eco Friendly And Ethical Christmas Gifts

Christmas is all about giving but it is also a time when we tend to become quite consumeristic buying excessive things that we or others don't need and creating vast amounts of waste. They say that 'it is the thought that counts' and I would always much prefer to recieve a present that someoney has really thought about than something that they have spent lots of money without thinking too much. Finding eco friendly and ethical ways of giving gifts at Christmas can take a little time but anyone who knows me well will realise that I would really appreciate that time and thought.

One of the best ways to give thoughtful and sustainable gifts is to make them yourself. What you make will really depend on your talent but could include plants you grown, items that you have sewn or knitted, jewellery, biscuits, fudge or food of some sort or even something like baby sitting vouchers (now this is something that would make me really happy).

Another great idea for making your Christmas gifts more sustainable is by having a secret santa amongst your family and friends, so each person only buys one really special present rather than something for everyone.

Here are a few other Eco friendly and ethical gift ideas:

NV Calcutta - Fairtrade Uma Silk Scarf Leopard Print

Shared Earth Evening Bags

Vintage Pretty Pink Headscarf

Nordic Mittens by Lowie
Ethical leather sash belt
Silk cord knitted necklace in Fairtrade organic cotton
Have you started Christmas shopping yet? What will you be buying?

Ceri X