Monday, 24 January 2011

Does Being A Fashion Blogger Affect Your Style?

I sometimes wonder how different my style would be if I had never started writing this blog. I think the honest answer would have to be that writing this blog affects it quite a lot. That is not because I only choose my outfits in the morning to look good on the blog, it is really important to me to look good anyway, but if you spend so much time thinking about fashion (and I spend all day everyday writing about fashion) then it is bound to have some sort of impact on what you wear. Isn't it?

Here are 4 of the ways that I think being a fashion blogger has influenced my style over the last few years:

Real Life Vs A Photograph

The photographs that I take of my outfits always look different to what I see when I look in the mirror. I am not sure if this is the same for everyone else but for me a photograph almost allows you to step back and view the overall look more objectively. In my pictures the detail is not as obvious and the colours usually look duller than they seem to in real life. Overall I tend to find that many of the outfits that I used to wear and think looked OK looked quite boring in a photograph. This has led me to wear brighter and bolder colour combinations and more statement pieces. I also often decide not to wear a particular outfit again after seeing it on the blog, seeing pictures of myself makes me much more critical than looking in the mirror.

Constant Variety

I don't try and wear a different outfit every single day. I don't think I would have the wardrobe or imgination for this and when I find an outfit that I like naturally I want to wear it again. But I do strive to have an element of variety in what I am wearing. In the past it has been easy to lapse into wearing jeans every day, my blog  makes me make a little bit of effort to feature different outfits and allows me to justify to myself the time I spend choosing an outfit that I might only venture outside the house in for the school run.Sometimes I end up wearing things that look slightly strange in the quest for variety but I would rather make a few 'mistakes' than always look exactly the same and it is this experimentation that has helped me to find some of my favourite outfits.

Greater Awareness

Fashion blogging has given me a much greater awareness of the brands and designers that are out there partly through research and partly through the press releases that I recieve. I also spend much more time researching eco and ethical brands which allows me to think about and consider the clothes that I buy much more than before. I am a lot less reliant on the same high street shops than I used to be and  try out a lot more new options.

The Influence of Other Fashion Bloggers

Last but not least, since starting writing my blog, I spend a lot of time reading other blogs. I think that the power of suggestion is huge and just seeing another bloggers outfit posts fills  my head with so many different outfit ideas. Without this inspiration I think my outfit and shopping choices would be much more limited.

Overall I think being a blogger has probably affected my style for the better. I feel much happier and more confident in the clothes that I wear now, perhaps as a result of the support and lovely comments from those who read my blog. I also think I make much more effort over how I look. Working from home and looking after 2 children make it very easy to slip into that comfort zone.

I know there are times when people probably think that what I am wearing looks completely nuts, (and they may well be right), although no one has actually ever said anything. Perhaps sometimes I try too hard and it all ends up going wrong. By becoming more adventurous with the clothes that you wear you are also always going to open yourself up to people being more judgemental about how you look. But in balance, the amount that I gain by writing and featuring outfits on my blog definitely makes it worthwhile for me- style or no style.

I was quite interested to read some of the recent posts for Friend Friday on authenticity. I did question how authentic my own style is when it is a product of  fashion blogging? But then we are all constantly developing and changing throughout our lives as a result of our experiences and environment. For me my blog is partly a way to develop myself. I think writing a fashion blog hasn't just affected my style it has to some extent changed me as a person and I believe I completely am the person that you see in my outfit posts.

I would love to hear from other fashion bloggers how (if at all) they think that being a fashion blogger affects their style.

with warmest wishes

Ceri X


Style of a Fashionista said...

I know for sure that other bloggers have affected my style. I am not very well travelled and seeing how girls dress from around the world has really affected my style I love how Scandinavian and Califonian girls dress and have used their style to inspire my style. Great post and I love your jacket xoxo

MargieF said...

blogging has most definitely made me more aware of what i wear. it makes me think about how to use items i have already in my wardrobe and create new outfits out of them. i get a lot of inspiration from reading blogs as well

Couture Carrie said...

Wow, fabulous post!
Being a fashion blogger definitely affects my style; I tend to be more edgy and avant-garde than my non-bloggy counterparts... meaning that most of the time, I am overdressed! But I love it!

Cute jacket, btw!


Laura Connell said...

I find your use of colour quite inspiring as I tend to hide in the safety of neutrals. Being a fashion writer definitely makes me put in more effort in what I wear. I know some say they write in their pyjamas but I just feel depressed if I don't take some time to put myself together in the morning. I also have two little ones and I think rather than hindering my dress sense I take being a mom as a challenge to keep the bar up high. I love it when people say "YOU'RE a mom?!" because they think moms live in trackpants and hoodies (or whatever they think!) And maybe we are influencing the way people look at moms, too, who knows? I also want to set a good example for my girls: that I value myself enough to put the effort in.

Edinburgh Stylist Girlie said...

Studying fashion and blogging has affected my style in a fairly big way. I'm training to become an image consultant so now have to look the part when with a client but my inner fashionista wants to wear all the latest trends regardless of whether they suit my bodyshape or not! On days off or when at my full time job I wear whatever I feel like wearing. Admire your use of colour in your daily outfits x

Winnie said...

I think blogging has definitely affected my style- because it's made me shop better. I've learnt what things suit me. I find inspiration in other fashion bloggers- perhaps sometimes I'll try on things that I wouldn't have considered before.

minnja said...

Looooove the post:)


Brittney said...

absolutely. i started my blog just 2 months ago, and only barely have i started feeling like i'm finally finding myself in my style. for all the reasons you stated. i love it, though; i think it's a positive change, like you say. but i'm discovering through it all what is and what is not "me." here's to the journey!
-brittney (my daily outfit blog; come check it out if you'd like)

LyddieGal said...

My style has definitely been influenced by the blog. I am actively working hard at improving my looks each day, and documenting them. Plus the piles of inspiration from others, it's hard not to be influenced!

Chic on the Cheap

Miss N said...

What a great post, I hadn't really thought about it but since I started blogging in May it must have had an effect on me.
The blogs I read have definitly started to influence and inspire me.
I think blogging has encouraged me to make better use of my existing wardrobe. I never wanted to be a blogger who just writes about going shopping all the time.

Emmett Katherine said...

I hvae definatly been influenced and inspired by blogs from across the globe. Like you I've learned about different brands and online stores that I wouldn't have otherwise.

One thing that has become glaringly obvious to me anyways, is that there seems to be a lack of diversity in whats avaliable in Canadian (ontario) stores, there is a gap in what's avaliable.

I think blogging is a way to connect with like minded people who enjoy fashion and encourage you to expand your style :)

forgot to mention in my other comment, love how you call your partner mr. style eyes!