Monday, 17 January 2011

A Little Bit of Sparkle

I am a big fan of brightly coloured clothes but there are some times when only black will do. Overall it can be more slimming than bright colours and is a safe choice for wearing after a Christmas of over indulgence. I find that on these 'black' days adding a bit of sparkle is almost as good as adding lots of colour. Today I had a meeting with my business advisor so decided to wear my fail safe little black dress with leggings and cardigan which was from the Matthew Williamson collection at Debenhams.

The sequins on the cardigan add just a little bit of sparkle which is almost enough for the day time, but it needed something else. I added a new ring that I treated myself to on the weekend (from New Look). I couldn't resist because it is just so big and bold. I also painted my nails with new OPI glitter polish that I treated myself to last week, to ensure that I had plenty of sparkle. Today just looking at my sparkly hands made me very happy. 

I have treated myself to quite a bit lately so might have to slow down a bit now. That is after I have received my treat from the Liberty sale which should be here soon!
On Saturday night Mr Style Eyes cooked me lamb and feta burgers- very yummy. I decided to get a bit dressed up as we don't often get the chance to go out in the evening so I feel I ought to make an effort or I might start to descend into tracksuit mode. The few Saturday nights that I have out are just not enough to wear all of the outfits that I want to wear - perhaps I just have too many clothes.

I wore my pencil skirt (M & S but from a second hand shop), a very old top which I bought from Dorothy Perkins about 8 years ago and a vintage jacket by Paul Costelloe. I love embroidered gold dots on the jacket and the satin quilted fabric but have never managed to wear it. It is part of suit (with a matching pencil skirt) that I bought from the local second hand shop but it has big shoulder pads which I have never been able to make work with any outfits. Funily enough in the photograph the shoulders do seem to look nearly as exaggerated as they do in real life. I would love to wear it in the daytime to add a bit of sparkle and may well have to give this a  try.

How do you add a bit of sparkle to your day?

With warmest wishes

Ceri X


MargieF said...

that ring is great and a proper jaw- breaker if you decided to punch someone! hmm i just put on a million bangles and a nice long necklace to add sparkle to everyday life. always the jewellery for me

Soho500 said...

You look adorable in both outfits. Don't fall into the trap of sweatsuits! Those elastic waistbands are the ruin of females all over the world.

Looking Fab in your forties said...

I love your Saturday night outfit and the new ring is gorgeous!

Sherin said...

You can never go wrong with black.
I love the ring as well. It's spectacular!

The second outfit is lovely. Love all the sparkles.

Leia said...

I love all the sparkle in this post!


VildesVerden said...

Love the black outfit in the last picture and the ring!

WendyB said...

I do love a gigantic ring!