Friday, 28 January 2011

Weekly Round Up - All Good Stuff

Can't believe it is nearly the weekend already,  I still haven't had the chance to post all of the posts that I wanted to so I am going to squeeze them all into one post as there is so much stuff that I want to blog about, I am struggling to keep up at the moment.

First of all I just wanted to share with you that Oxfam is have a 50% off sale of the jewellery and accessories in its ethical collection between 12 and 5pm today. It is only a small collection but has some interesting and unusal stuff like this Recycled fire hose bag plus it is all ethical and helpls to support the charitable work of Oxfam. If you happen to be over at the Oxfam site , why not also check out the second hand shop for some amazing vintage clothing and jewellery? I could spend hours just searching under the word 'floral' or 'silk scarf'.

Something that has also caught my attention this week is the new Emma Watson collection for People Tree. Whilst I really love People Tree, so far the I have not really bothered with Emma Watson collections as they have been a little too 'young' and preppy for my taste, perhaps suited more to teenagers. The latest collection though has a few item that I really like. It is far more edgey than previous collections perhaps to match her edgy  hair cut. The whole collection is black and white with polka dots, checks and a very nice black drape dress, black wrap dress and blazer, all great wardrobe staples.

Next I wanted to share some good news. I have just completed my CTJT Diploma in Fashion Journalism. It was an online course which I completed in my own time which is great as I have so many demands on my time. In other ways not so good as I did complete it 'in my own time', I seem to become an expert in the art of procrastination lately. Anyway, I have finished it and am really pleased I did. Overall I found the course really useful both in terms of improving my writing skills but also in giving me some great tips on  other apects of becoming a journalist including interviewing and taking photographs. Most importantly the course covered the subject of finding a job in journalism in detail with lots of useful tips and the course tutor had lots of experience and gave lots of advice and feedback.

Until I hear about the university course that I have applied for, I plan to start to work through a new book that I have just bought called The Fashion Photography Course. I hope to share and discuss some of the more interesting parts as I work through it. I have also been accepted as a writer for The Source magazine which is going to launch very soon on the Ethical Fashion Forum. I am really excited as this will be a great opportunity to put my journalistic skills into practice and learn more about ethical fashion.

This week I have been busy writing lots of posts including a review of Floral dresses at Marks and Spencers, the D and G Mimisa Floral  Shift dress and floral dresses to party in this summer. I have also updated my website with some of my favourite floral and flower covered dresses - obsessed , me?

My outfit in the picture at the top - Jacket- M and S from a charity shop, top from a charity shop( then customised wit bleach), skirt from Dorothy Perkins ( really old), shoes by Bronx (from Spartoo), tights - Dorothy Perkins, necklace - a present.

Have a lovely weekend and thanks for all the lovely comments in my post about Does being a fashion blogger affect your style?

With warmest wishes

Ceri X


Laura Connell said...

Congratulations on your diploma! That's quite an achievement. I love the orange bag; I'm a bit obsessed with orange accents at the moment. I just bought one for $5 at a thrift shop myself. I LOVE Oxfam shopping. My favourite shopping in London was at an Oxfam boutique. It's so cool and the fact that the money goes to charity is amazing.

Cherry Pullinger said...

Congrats on completing the course!

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Well done on completing your Diploma and good luck with everything that leads on from it! Have a great weekend x

Harriet said...

Congrats on the diploma, that's just great!

I have a tee from one of Emma Watson's People Tree collections and I really love it. It gets loads of wear, and it's such good quality. Looking forward to checking out the newest collection.

Winnie said...

Well done on your diploma and good luck with the university course. Sounds like a lot of fantastic things have come your way so far and I'm sure it's a sign of many more to come!

Couture Carrie said...

Love your blazer!