Monday, 28 February 2011

Bronx Shoes

I am a big fan of Bronx shoes. I have a great pair with a mid height wedge heel and side zips. They are just the right combination of on trend, lady like and comfortable to wear and easy to walk in. I often have problems finding the right footwear to go with different outfits. I love wearing dresses and skirts but for everyday wear when I like to walk as much as possible high heels might look great but they kill my feet. My Bronx shoes go perfectly with skirts and dresses and I can walk as far as I need to in comfort in them. They also give me a little bit of much needed height without going overboard for everyday wear.

I have just noticed that Spartoo have some great Bronx shoes with mid height heels and what is even better is that they are in the sale.

These Globe Heel shoes by Bronx have a really vintage feel about them and would look great with a mid length skirt or trousers.

These Sugar shoes by Bronx are perfect for when you need a smart pair of shoes. They are classic but with a twist and again just the right height heel.

These View shoes are a great choice of sandal for the summer. They have a solid wedge heel and open toe with a feminine ankle strap.

These Idol boots are good choice of boot for me with a sturdy heel. I also love the textured finish and cross over strap.

What do you think?

With warmest wishes

Ceri X


MargieF said...

i had a couple of pairs of bronx shoes when i was younger because they were the only range i could find that did a size 9 so i owe them for that! As i do have such big feet mid heels just make them look bigger so i tend to steer clear

LyddieGal said...

That last pair is definitely my favorite - I adore the texture and straps!

Chic on the Cheap

Laura Connell said...

You're right, those boots do have a vintage feel; exactly my first thought when I saw them. I love the design of the grey ankle boot. The criss cross strap sensibly solves the problem of this style cutting off the leg thus making it appear shorter.

MalanB™ said...

I love the Idol boots. I also need a sturdy heel and the look is classic.