Tuesday, 22 March 2011

5 Ways Rework Old Clothes For Summer 2011 Trends

Vintage floral dress with Obi Belt

As part of my climate week posts I thought I would write about ways in which you can reuse clothes and still look on trend. I don't think it is neccessary to buy new clothes every season to keep up with the latest trends. Not only do many fashions just keep coming round again and again but you can also wear your clothes in different ways to give you a fresh and up to date look. Here are 5 ways that you can rework your old clothes for summer 2011.

Oriental - oriental is a key trend for the summer and it is very easy to add an oriental feel to all sorts of different outfits just by adding an obi or corset belt. This is also a great way to add a little bit of shape to a loose fitting blouse, tunic or floral shift dresses. I tend to wear my obi belt quite high on my waist as this is the narrowest part and it helps to highlight it. You can buy a nice ethical leather sash belt from Not on the High Street for £20.

Peter Pan Collar from Hellostrumpet on Etsy

Peter Pan Collars - If like me you  are in love with the cute Peter pan collars that seem to be every where for the summer, you easily update tops and dresses by adding one. There are quite a few tutorials online to show you how. I like how to make a Peter Pan collar in eight easy steps and  how to make a Peter Pan collar with a vintage hankerchief. If you want a detachable collar to wear with different clothes try how to make a detachable Peter pan collar. For those that aren't great with a needle and thread, there are also plenty available on Etsy.

Pattern Mixing - If you have any patterned pieces from previous seasons you can easily update them by mixing them up for summer 2011. Try and match up patterns that have some sort of similarity so two bold and bright patterns or  two patterns with muted or paste; colours. Black and white stripes or polka dots work well with a really bold and bright floral pattern. I don't think there is really any science behind it though, you just need to give it a try and see what works. If you don't have enough patterned items in your wardrobe to attempt this the charity shops are full or all sorts of amazing patterns.

Colour Blocking - another really easy look to make from existing items in your wardrobe is colour blocking. You can combine brights and neutrals for a really on trend look so perhaps a bright orange or blue top with camel trousers or skirt. The key to this look is too keep the shapes simple. A plain loose vest top works well tucked into a pencil skirt or any simple sheath or shift dresses or simple shirts. You can  change a shift dress into a colour block outfit just by adding a pair of coloured tights. Again if you are lacking in brights, the charity shops are full of them.

Bright Accessories - many of us will have lots of neutrals in our wardrobes after the trends of the last few seasons. Neutrals might get a bit boring sometimes but they have a lot going for them as they are so versatile. You can bring last seaosns neutrals up to date with the simple addition of some really bright accessories. This is the perfect opportunity to wear those amazing statement shoes that you saved up for ages for but haven't yet has a chance to wear. Clutch bags with interesting textures in bright pinks, purples, oranges, reds, yellows and blues will all look amazing.  

There are I am sure plenty more ways that you can reuse clothes from previous seasons to lessen the load on both the environmment and your purse. I would love to hear your ideas.

With warmest wishes

Ceri X  


daisychain said...

fabulous post! will def be re-working some of my wardrobe x

Laura Connell said...

I love reusing and recycling in every way possible so I got lots of great tips here. Thanks.

Pearl Westwood said...

Great ideas and quite right there are lots of styling tricks you can use to update you looks, but I have to cring at the effort I will need to summon to haul out all my summer stuff and put away all my winter, one day I will have a big enough wardrobe for all of it, one day!

Brandy Shaloo said...

I love that yellow clutch! Perfect addition for the summer wardrobe

Refashion said...

Check out Refashion Co-op for reworking inspiration!

Refashion said...

Join the community at Refashion Co-op for reworking inspiration and to share the fruits of your labour!