Sunday, 22 May 2011

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

I am completely unable to define my own style. It just seems to vary depending on how I feel on a particular day and where I am going. I  am very easily bored so could never have a 'uniform' which I wore all the time, although I am sure this would make getting dressed in the morning so much quicker. Sometimes my outfits work and other days they don't. I guess I could always go for the same old safe options and have a trademark look but I much prefer variety. Here ae some of my outfits over the last week.

Leather Jacket - Gestuz
Black T shirt- Asos
Skirt - Preen at Debenhams
Necklace - a present

I don't often just wear black and grey but I haven't yet managed to find an outfit to wear my brithday present necklace with. As the necklace makes quite a statment, I though that it needed quite a plain outfit.  

These flowers which have self seeded from last year at the front of my house looked so beautiful that I had to take a picture.

Dress - Marks and Spencers
Shoes - Melissa (Alexandre Herchovitch colaboration)

This dress is so comfy and easy to wear. It is perfect for a hot day.

Dress - ASOS
Blouse - H! Henry Holland at Debenhams
Shoes - Dkode

I am not sure that this outfit really works. Perhaps the patterns clash too much. But all of those bright colours just make me feel happy. I never usually wear dresses this short without leggings. Actually I chickened out and put leggings on before going out. Lucky I did as it was a fairly windy day!

Do you have a signature style? If so how would you describe it?

Hope that you are having a lovely weekend.

With warmest wishes

Ceri X


Intrinsically Florrie said...

I love the cheerful colours of your last outfit!
I agree that it is fun to play with different styles. For example that first look is not what I would usually go for and yet I love the drama of the shilouette you created and it works really well.

Florrie x

Dodo said...

I really like that 1st outfit! The details on the jacket are great and I love the extra layer on the skirt.

fashionismyh2o said...

I'm the same, my style changes on a whim and seems very influenced by the weather - Summer I'm about bohemian sheers + layered vests and denim cuttoffs, in the winter I'm all leather + black denim much more rock n roll!

Love your outfits though especically the top + bottom ones :) the grey skirt is fantastic


Leia said...

I am loving all of your outfits here, Ceri! I can't even pick a favorite!


Cafe Fashionista said...

Ooh, that maxi skirt is incredible on you - love it!

I'd say my signature style is a blend of sophisticated, and playful. I like to use platform heels to add personality to casual looks and such. :)

Savvy Gal said...

it is good to mix it up.

For Those About To Shop said...

I love that little bolero jacket. Quite stunning and sexy. It's nice to see you in grey and black for a change. It's good to mix things up.

Sherin said...

I can't define my own style either: it's like you said: just what I feel like on a particular day.
I love the blue dress. It's so pretty! And the final outfit looks really good. It definitely goes.

DeniseAngela said...

Love your maxi skirt! My style Is ever changing.....