Saturday, 28 May 2011

Vintage Clothing Alterations Plus Free Vintage Fashion Fair Tickets

How many pieces of vintage clothing do you own (or any clothing for that matter) that fits you perfectly without the need for a few alterations here and there?

Being quite short I often find that clothes need altering particularly the length but also the waist and shoulder straps can fit badly. I think it is really important for clothes to fit well in order for them to look really good. I used to be quite handy with my sewing machine but recently have struggled to find the time to alter any of my clothes. I am also sometimes a little weary about tackling alterations on vintage clothes as I am worried that I might ruin them. This means that when I buy clothes that don't fit quite right it can take ages before I get around to doing alterations. The answer is to find a good seamstress who can make these alterations at a reasonable cost, it is well worth it for me as the clothes look so much better.

At the next Vintage Fashion Fair London at Primrose Hill on 5th June, there will be the opportunity to get alterations done (while you wait for smaller jobs) by Nanna Sandom specialises in alterations and repairs specifically for vintage clothing. This is a great way to have your vintage clothing ready to wear as soon as you have bought, definitely a big plus.

If you would like to come along to the fair you can apply for a limited number of free tickets and find out further information at

You can also shop vintage clothing and ethical clothing and fashion accessories at


Looking Fab in your forties said...

I don't own any vintage clothes sadly.

Harriet said...

Sounds like a fabulous fair! I have a great dry cleaners that I take my alterations to, as I have zero skill in that area. I think it's great that vintage items can be repurposed and it's a case of make do and mend if i doesn't quite fit!

For Those About To Shop said...

It's a miracle if you can find a vintage item that fits like a glove. I remember the on-site seamstress from the Vintage Fashion Fair I visited in Clerkenwell. Great idea, but if I bought one more thing my suitcase wouldn't have closed ;)