Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Festival Outfits

It is not long now until I go to my first ever festival. I am insanely excited and have been spending a fair amount of time considering what I will be wearing. I am guessing that most people don't take 5 pairs of shoes when they go to a festival so just for this once I have narrowed it down to 2 pairs plus wellies just in case.

I have decided not to take my heavy DSLR camera, I will take my old camera instead but I have no idea how these pictures will turn out. So I decided to photo my outifts in advance, this also makes it so much easier for me to work out what to take and pack. I am guessing this is a bit obsessive, but I like to plan well in advance and be prepared as there won't be any mirrors there so I won't be able to check what my outfits look like. Maybe people don't really make that much effort with what they wear when they go to a festival, but I always think if in doubt, go for it.

So here are my outfits, I just need to cut down another pair of jeans into shorts in case the weather is unbelievably hot (fingers crossed).

Top - Next (about 8 years ago)
Skirt - made from charity shop dress
Hair garland - Ebay
Shoes - Spartoo
necklace - present from my sister

This was the skirt that was originally a dress but too tight around the bust. I have finally got around to cutting the top off and sewing in an elastic waistband. It is a bit rough and ready but should be fine as long as the waistband is covered. I am thinking of adding some fairy wings to this outfit for the fancy dress on saturday.

Sunglasses and feather earring - Urban Outfitters
Top - New Look
Elephant necklace - Etsy
Shorts - Old jeans from Next cut down

I think I will need to do a bit of cheese grating with these cutoffs before I go. Any other good ideas on how to fray them?

Blouse - H! by Henry Holland at Debenhams
Shorts - as above
Feather Headress - Little Wings on Etsy

I will just add tights to shorts for when it gets cold in the evening. I am thinking my hair might get a bit frizzy if I don't get to wash it so can put it in a bun with this feather headress. We will be taking our own shower and tent so I am hoping for a hot shower every day though!.

Dress - People Tree
Cropped Leggings - New Look

I think this dress might be a bit too dressy but hoping that the cropped leggings help to dress it down a bit and make it more practical.

T shirt - customised
necklace - a present from my Mum
Bag - Desigual
Tube top - charity shop
worn with cutoff jeans (as above)

This t shirt is another one of my DIY projects that I have finally got around to doing. I just cutoff the sleeves and kind of gave it a racer back.

As for the music, there are so many amazing bands, artists and DJ's that I want to see. I am just waiting for the full line up and timings to be announced so that I can work out how much I can fit in.
Are you going to any festivals this summer? what will you be wearing?

With warmest wishes

Ceri X


Danielle Celeste Couture said...

What kind of festival are you going to? I hope you have alot of fun.

the nyanzi report said...

great choices and we look forward to your report.

Vix said...

You look stunning, especially in that last picture! I tend to take wellies, flat leather boots and a pair of flip flops and just build my outfits round them. I always pack outfits rather than separates as it's easier to get dressed with a raging hangover.
I'm halfway through my festival season, I've done Glasto and CamperJam so far and I've got The Big Chill next week and End Of The Road in September.
Where are you off to? x

MyStyle said...

Hi there-great outfit choices here and hope you have a fabulous time at the festival too! xxx

For Those About To Shop said...

I was about to ask "what the heck is a festival" and then at the close you gave away that it is a music event. Cool! Sounds like fun. I love your DIY skirt; evocative of the Orient and the fact that you had a hand in its creation makes it even more interesting.

Couture Carrie said...

Fun looks!
Loving that red dress!


hellotampon said...

I used to go to festivals a lot and I'd end up wearing the same stuff (the most comfortable stuff) more than once so I eventually learned not to overpack. Comfortable sandals and wellies are good- it always seems to rain at least once and there's nothing worse than muddy feet squelching around in cold, waterlogged sandals. I also like black yoga tank tops because they don't show dirt or sweat and they don't get stretched out after wearing them all weekend. And I prefer to wash (hair and all) in a bucket. I feel like it's much cleaner and easier than those camping showers. And don't underestimate how cold it can get at night! Have fun!

Emmett Katherine said...

have fun at your first festival! Whatever you decide to wear make sure it's comfortable and you don't mind if people spill stuff on it!

I like the idea of fairy wings, please take pics if you end up wearing them.

how to fray the shorts, I'd use a saftey pin to help seperate where the bottom threads are (the part where you cut the jeans), pull them off. do this a few times then throw them in the wash. that should help & I hope it made sense.

DeniseAngela said...

Great outfits.....cool that you made a skirt from your dress! I'm going to the Sea Festival......right on the beach so I'll be wearing sandals & a white dress.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I LOVE your hair garland in the first picture - it is just stunning on you! :)

Marcia B. said...

Omg i love the skirt in the first picture, glad i discovered your blog. Thank you for the liking the thrift article Laura featured. I am now following your blog! :)

Eighteen Grams of Glitter ... said...

love the outfits, such varied looks - great festival vibe!


LyddieGal said...

I love your bright splatter print dress!
taking photos in advance does save a lot of time, and then you know exactly what to pack and you can be so well organized!

Chic on the Cheap

Sherin said...

Ooo, sounds fun. Your festval outfits look great. I'm off to Reading, but have no idea what to wear yet.

AquĆ­ said...

I love the look with the feathers! You look great and you can never go wrong with some neutral colored feathers!

Intrinsically Florrie said...

Oh how exciting! I've never been to a festival, unless you count classical music concerts but that's not quite the same thing...
Love your selection of oufits- they're all lovely and make for wonderful variation.

Have lots of fun!

Florrie x

Pearl Westwood said...

You outfits are fab, definitely add the fairy wings!