Tuesday, 16 August 2011

First Girls Night Out In Ages

Dress - Vintage
Leggings - People Tree
Shoes - Dkode
Jacket - Gestuz
Bag - Dorothy Perkins

It is not that often I get to go on a girls night out. Saturday was my first girls night out in ages. As usual, after hours of thinking about what to wear, I just couldn't make up my mind and I ended up getting ready in a huge rush. What sort of thing do people wear for a girls night out at the local pub? I haven't been for so long so have not the slightest idea.

Anyway these pictures were taken very quickly, my friend text to say she was already there and getting the drinks in. I was out of the door like a shot.

I had a great night. I definitely feel like I should try and make time for girls nights out more often. How often do you go out with the girls?

If you're planning on having a night out with the girls, but haven't got any shoes to go with your outfit, then there is a great range to check out at the Very site. Visit www.very.co.uk to find out more information.

With warmest wishes

Ceri X


selinaoolala said...

Ooo love your shoes with the clutch, i always find dressing for pubs or bars quite hard! thinking lovely accessories is the way to go! my friend is stopping over tomorrow yay i am trying to persuade her to come out for the evenings before, nothing like a girlie gossip!xx

Melissa said...

I don't really go out with the girls much either. It's hard when you're a mom.

You look adorable! I hope you had a fabulous time!

Winnie said...

Oh you look lovely, the print on your dress is really pretty. I don't go out with the girls often enough, with such busy schedules we usually meet in smaller groups and then try and organise ourselves for special occasions. It's always so nice to catch up with everyone!

t said...

Nice outfit!


Emma Odette Barnett said...

Gorgeous! Lots of love.


Looking Fab in your forties said...

Only a couple of times a year to be honest. Last time I wore a Cos dress as it isn't too dressy but usually I just wear jeans, heels and a dressy top.

Style of a Fashionista said...

This is a perfect outfit for a girls night out love the jacket great finishing and touch and your clutch is gorgeous too xoxo

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Such pretty shoes & clutch and I like the lovely print on the dress. Glad to hear you had a grand time with the girls. I adore girls' night out, too.

Mommyblogger said...

I haven't had a girls night out since I got married (almost 13 year ago). I think I might have to schedule one!!!

You look fantastic. I LOVE your shoes!!!!

Victoria said...

Love girls night out I think is great fun of course if you are with the right girls ;) I like your jacket! Hope you had a great time. x

Vix said...

You look fabulous, I do love the edging of that jacket.
Anything goes on a night out, as long as you feel good you're almost guaranteed to have a great time.
I haven't been on a girls' only night out in ages but there's one scheduled very soon. x

MissRockwell said...

Girls nights out are always fun. I haven't had one in a while but I like to dress up without going over the top. Cocktail dresses are always safe.


Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

Fabulous photos!!!!
Hope you had a great time!!! :-)

WendyB said...

Cute little jacket!

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